Sam Roberts & LA - Reap Now (Radio Edit)
Reap Now (Radio Edit) Release to Digital Outlets
December 9, 2016
12:01 am
Washington, DC
Digital Outlets

We released the original version last year…but the release of this Radio Edit signifies our due season!

Sam Roberts and LA are excited about the song “REAP NOW” hitting radio stations nationwide. Songwriter Sam Roberts says …

“REAP NOW is a soul stirring reminder that though the events of life can be unpredictable, God’s Word and promises are FOREVER. Comprised of scriptures put to melody, with a simple a memorable vamp, REAP NOW is the anthem of the faithful.”

Here’s an opportunity for God’s strength to be perfected in our weakness. We have sown with pure intentions and a sincere heart, but THIS TIME LORD, YOU DO IT! #reapnow #LA #doitbyyourspirit

Listen to a preview